Kathryn A. Wood

Director and Consultant, 8020Info Inc.

Kathy Wood (Rob’s sister) has more than 25 years experience advising and providing project implementation support to businesses, institutions and not-for-profit organizations. She holds two degrees from Queen’s University (a B.A Hons. in Economics – 1977 and a B.Sc. Hons. in Environmental Science – 1996). As well as serving now as President/CEO of her own firm (Pivotal Momentum Inc.), Kathy is a Director of 8020Info.

Kathy has a strong background in market and public opinion research including more than 100 research projects of all types (telephone surveys, focus groups, intercept studies, one-on-one interviews, literature reviews, and secondary data analyses). She has also developed communications plans, handled crisis communications for multiple clients, has developed training programs in media relations, and coached clients to success in these interactions.

As the name of her firm implies, Kathy is now focused on supporting clients with strategy redevelopment in times of uncertainty and disruptive change, and pairs this with financial/economic modelling that allows clients to understand the implications of their current path as well as test the probable outcomes of scenarios they may be considering. She has translated this expertise into a 31-day self-directed eWorkbook for small business owners seeking a distinctive path to growth and success. Kathy is a project developer, manager and facilitator of transformative projects in agriculture, regional economic development, labour markets, technology, tourism, and a range of public sector services.