Communication Secrets of The Explainer

In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at the art of explanation, the roles of safety and clarity in innovation work, tips for coaching and reviewing performance, three distinct roles for system partners, and providing your board with a better agenda package.

Communication Secrets of The Explainer
Getting the Board Data Pack Right
A Formula for Workplace Innovation
Improving your Performance Reviews
The List: 10 Things Good Coaches Do
Specialized Roles for Collaborating Partners
Reading: Hidden Potential
Reading: Clear Thinking

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we focus on rules for making better decisions, delivering bad news, interviewing more effectively, reframing your approach to marketing, and ten ways to spot exceptional employees. Enjoy!

Three Rules for Better Decision-making
Avoid These Mistakes When Conveying Bad News
Improve Your Interviewing With These Questions
Assume Your Employees Are Afraid Of You
The List: Skills of Exceptional Employees
Seth Godin on Marketing

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In this edition of the 8020Info Water Cooler we share ways to strengthen your decision making, save your organization money, discuss why social media background checks may come with risks, and how to alleviate hidden resistance to organizational transformation. Enjoy!

Eight Ways To Save
Why Social Media Background Checks Are Dumb
Some Tips On Decision-Making
Some Hot Sriracha Lessons
Mindsets Underpin Transformation
Communication Arch-Enemies

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