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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at six types of generative AI, common pitfalls for strategy, the habit of overpreparing, defining content fundamentals, navigating succession in family businesses, and finding flow in a world of overwhelm. Enjoy!

Understanding Six Types of Generative AI
Define Your Content Fundamentals
Curbing Tendencies to Overprepare
Strategies for Family Business Succession
The List: Six Strategic Pitfalls to Avoid
Finding Flow in a World of Overwhelm
Reading: Power to the Middle
Reading: Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at leading hybrid teams, last impressions, and two checklists — for strategy clarity and aligning content with market segments. We also include some year-end shout-outs. Enjoy!

Five Rules for Leading a Hybrid Team
Checklist Questions for Strategy Clarity
The Loyalty Quandary
Make a Great Last Impression
The List: Aligning Content with Market Segments
Our 2021 Year-End Shout Out
Reading: The Future of the Office | How Will You Measure Your Life?

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