In this 8020Info Water Cooler we focus on insight-producing questions — questions to explore complex issues, balance personal interactions, dissect decisions and outcomes, hire more effectively, and chill out heated conversations. Enjoy!

The Good, The Bad, And The Decision
A Big Question To Ask Regularly
Questions For Small Business Hiring
Dissecting The Heated Conversation
Six Types of Socratic Questions
It’s All In The Timing

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This edition of the 8020Info Water Cooler marks issue #300 — a major milestone for us. It represents more than half a million words shared on a tri-weekly schedule since our first edition was published April 30, 2001.

Our goal has always been to bring you actionable insights relevant to your leadership in non-profit, public sector and small business organizations. After going through our library of past articles, we are pleased to share some favourites — our own, and many based on reader feedback.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our newsletter. Enjoy!

Six Key Leadership Decisions
Four Levels of Culture Change
Questions For Reviewing Marketing Materials
Strategy’s Companion… Change
For Focus, You Must Dare To Say No
Thanks for the Feedback

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