In this 8020Info Water Cooler we focus on getting your week off to a productive start, delegating to overloaded subordinates, digital design for seniors, thinking more, doing less, and campaigning to succeed with change initiatives. Enjoy!

Making Mondays More Productive
Addressing Subordinate Overload
Do Less, Think More
Try Shadowing With Job Candidates
Designing Digital for Seniors
Plan For Resistance To Change

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we focus on making customer interactions easy, using experiments to introduce change, tips on delegation, standing behind staff, and why highly efficient leaders fail. Enjoy!

Make It Easy To Deal With You
The Passion Pit For Social Agencies
Why Highly Efficient Leaders Fail
Stand With People When They Mess Up
The List: Five Delegation Tips
Approach Change With An Experimental Mindset

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In this issue of the Water Cooler we touch on the value of critical thinking, a new approach to bring introverts into brainstorming, questions that help resolve conflict, delegation techniques, and using a “we can, if…” mindset. Enjoy.

How To Hire Critical Thinkers
Revolving Door Brainstorming Can Help Introverts
Questions To Resolve Conflict
Nostalgia, Patience, And Queues
Be More Comfortable Delegating
From Can’t Because to We Can-If

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