Questions for Your Personal Annual Review

In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at questions to assess your personal performance this year, getting rid of “barnacles”, choosing a few key goals for action in 2024, reimagining marketing with AI in the mix, avoiding pitfalls in one-on-one meetings, success factors behind outperforming family-owned businesses, and our year-end shout-out. Enjoy!

Questions for your Personal Annual Review
Developing Goals for Next Year
Reimagining Marketing and Sales with AI
How to Have Lousy One-on-Ones
The List: Success Factors Behind Outperforming Family-Owned Businesses
Reading: Strategic
Reading: Elastic
Our 2023 Year-End Shout-Out

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at strategy “spines”, rethinking for better decisions, leadership peer groups, hybrid work, and a manifesto method to go from aspirational to actionable leadership statements. Enjoy!

Build a Strategy Spine to Counter Skeptics
Create a Leadership Peer Group in 2022
Write A Manifesto To Drive Change
Get Input to Make Hybrid Work
The List: Goals Beyond Project Completion
Pausing to Rethink in 2022
Reading: From Impressed to Obsessed | Think Again

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we share insights on decision-making, myths about strategy, HR trends, questions for reflection on 2021 goals, building resilience and audience-calibrated communications. Enjoy!

Barack Obama on Decision Making
Five Myths about Strategy
Building Focus and Resilience in 2021
Top HR Trends for 2021
David Allen’s Questions for the New Year
Audience-Centred More Than Ever

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