In this 8020Info Water Cooler we consider ways to benefit from disagreements, give references, nurture client referrals, organize your summer reading, prepare as a first-time manager, and design strategies better than “best practices”. Enjoy!

Ways to Gain from Disagreement
How to Give a Reference
Four Categories for Your Summer Reading
How to Attract More Referrals
The List: Tips for First-Time Managers
A Strategy Better than Best Practice
Reading: Generation Why
Reading: Ego is the Enemy

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at post-pandemic rehabilitation, avoiding group think, factors that influence trust and referability, and how the times may favour talent recruitment. Enjoy!

Take Time to Rehabilitate from the Pandemic
Tips for Avoiding Team Group Think
Improving your Google Ranking
The Great Recruiting Opportunity
Factors Affecting Organizational Trust
Do your habits enhance referability?
Reading: The First, The Few, The Only | Cultures of Belonging
Reading: The Age of AI

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