strategic thinking skills


In this 8020Info Water Cooler we discuss flywheels and how to build these drivers of organizational momentum, questions to identify strategic thinkers, injecting artistic approaches into your work, and triggers for rethinking your organizational structure. Enjoy!

The Jim Collins Flywheel
Screening Job Candidates For Strategic Thinking
Find Your Artistry
Signs Of Machiavellian Personality Disorder
The Model:  Building Your Flywheel
Triggers For New Organizational Structure

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In this issue of the Water Cooler we focus on developing strategic thinking skills, what pictures can do for team building, conversations that boost employee engagement, some alternatives when budget processes aren’t working, and avoiding change backlash. Enjoy.

Four Conversations To Boost Employee Engagement
A Photograph Can Spark 1,000 Words
Smart Questions For Improving Your Organization
Communicate in Advance to Avoid Change Backlash
Beyond Budgeting
Train Your Strategic Thinking Skills

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