strategy execution


In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at factors causing failure in forming and implementing strategy, along with tips on productively handling pressure, modes of delivering value, and recruiting for decision-making skills. Enjoy!

Five Fundamental Factors for Strategy Execution
The Three Flavours of Value
Flip the Script
Hiring for Decision-making Ability
Handling Pressure
Strategies Are Built on Choices
Reading: Four Thousand Weeks | Amazon Unbound

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In this 8020Info Water Cooler we look at the SAUCE method for creating crisper marketing messages, questions for a non-profit organizational assessment, areas of focus for successful strategy execution, and the tendency to lead while distracted — and the need to resist that. Enjoy!

Four Questions To Ask A Non-Profit Board
Avoid Leading While Distracted
How To Avoid Unwanted Meetings
Handling Sales Objections
From Dull to Sharper Marketing
Executing Strategy

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